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A society grows through a network of relationships which are mutually inter-twined and inter-dependent.Every relationship is a whole hearted commitment to support and to protect others in a group or community.Marriage plays a very important part in this strong web of relationships of giving support and protection.A good marriage should grow and develop gradually from understanding and not impulse, from true loyalty and not just sheer indulgence.In birth control what is done is to prevent the coming into being of an existence.There is no killing involved and there is no akusala kamma.

The reason is obviously that to be of service to mankind, the monks have chosen a way of life which includes celibacy.Those who renounce the worldly life keep away from married life voluntarily to avoid various worldly commitments in order to maintain peace of mind and to dedicate their lives solely to serve others in the attainment of spiritual emancipation.Although Buddhist monks do not solemnize a marriage ceremony, they do perform religious services in order to bless the couples.They are at liberty to use any of the old or modern measures to prevent conception.Those who object to birth control by saying that it is against God's law to practise it, must realize that their concept regarding this issue is not reasonable.

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