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the whole song is centered around her not being able to hold a boys hand again. Anonymous 19 July 2019 Reply Could it be "Billy don't be a hero"? The lyrics are 'And I have the sense to recognize that I don't know how to let you go' Anonymous 15 July 2019 Reply If someone could helpe it would be wonderful. It has a very slow rock, country, blu grass sound to it. Sounds sort like Tesla but is probably from a lesser known band.

It's something of an anti war song, with a strong beat -with the courus saying-"and as Billy started to go, she said , keep your pretty head low, Billy don't be a hero , come back to me" Anna 15 July 2019 Reply Hi I saw a video on Instagram and there was a song that I wanna know what’s the title. This song is from a mid 90's ban dthay I don't think ever became very popular. Her are the lyrics I remember: He's a simple man, don't have time for this, oh he's a simple man, doin the best he can...,.best he can. Fought so hard saw friends die but he can back alive. The chorus starts with “I don’t love you anymore”, followed by “can’t love love you anymore”. Dan 15 July 2019 Reply I'm looking for a song, however the only thing I really remember about it is that it was about how music never really changes.

Pls help :) thank you AKINSETEMINIKAN SUNDAY AYOMIDE 16 July 2019 Replyhello guys,i'm looking of a particular song inside the movie tittled "PIMP BY KEKE PALMER" the song i'm looking for was played in a scene where keke palmer(wednessday) and the girl name destiny was inside a motel room having part of the song i can remember goes like this 'i just wanna show u inside of me ,show me what u wanna do cause i want it' ...................................please anyone who knows the singer of the song? HELP Desperate 17 July 2019 Reply Hello people I need help!

Connor Coffey 17 July 2019 Reply I need help find a song that played at the end of a anime called World End: What are you doing at the end of the world? This song is in my head and I'm pretty sure its rock and goes like:(whispering ish) Look at all these people beneath of me (not sure if it's like this) And between look - at - all is a tiny gap so the words sound apart. thomas ching 17 July 2019 Replyall this time i've been praying that i'll be your girl =you been with someone else=you smiling everyday, with someone you love=this is all the lyric that i can remember from the song. please help me find this song john taylor 17 July 2019 Replyshe's leaving from a place so deep and dark that she just wants to sleep praying it will disappeardecide now with a broke down tear and fears what the future brings and recognize don't mean a thing, she just don't wanna fight no morebecause one more time, in her mind, a love so fine ect ectdo you know the artist of this song dara 17 July 2019 Replyhi ive been searching for a song for a very long time, its sang by a girl and a boy Wish we were fools We been such a fools Singing out of tune Waiting on the blue moon but it never came Dylan R 17 July 2019 Replytheres this one song that i heard 6 years ago, its by a female singer, and i know some pieces of the chorus lyrics; “where is the one” “no white sorrow” and the last word is either “reign” or “rain” or something like that.

Ciaran Harvey 11 July 2019 Reply I’m looking for a song that is used in a small amount of memes, usually rave memes and it sounds like a nightcored version of an anime song but the only lyrics I can make out is what I think is "It’s now alive” but other than that I’m clueless.

Underhappy 11 July 2019 Reply Hi, I'm looking for a song from the TV Show Scream, season 3, episode 5 around 10 minutes in. I'm so wound up I'm about to blast off, you got me fractured, you got me fractured.

]" But they say something about "what's the deal now honey?

" I can't find it anyway I dont have enough lyrics soni christine 12 July 2019 Replyhi am trying to find a Song which was sang in a nigerian/ghana movie.

All I can make out of the song was "That's what it's all about".

The lyrics that can be heard are: "not so long ago i lost my head if i didn't know i would have been dead, trying to remember what you said, never did me good cause i'm still *, so come and get me, come and get me" Malcolm Robern 12 July 2019 Reply Don’t know song, but been looking frantically for it too, it’s actually used in S3 Ep6 titled “Endgame” immediately after Deion’s coach tells him he blew his shot, it’s over🤔 Stac 12 July 2019 Reply Hi I’m looking for a hip-hop/rap song probably from early 2000’s where at the end of the music video it’s thunderstorming and the guy touches lighting with his finger I don’t remember how it sounded I just remember this much of the music video Kirk Becker 12 July 2019 Reply I'm looking for the name of a song from the late 50's or early 60's by a male artist. Anonymous 12 July 2019 Reply I'm looking for a song that I heard at my job.

It's an alternative song by a band that sounds really similar to COIN.

Brenda Kiselewski 11 July 2019 Reply I just heard parts of this song while on hold on a phone call, lol!

I hope we meet, I hope you will, Just take a chance. Kind of reminded me of Portugal the Man with Feel It Still.

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