Black women intimidating

But unfortunately, my Professor seemed more interested in checking me than having a conversation or hearing my concerns.

When class was in session, she began making backhanded comments directed at me.

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She offered me books to read adding statements such as, “This book would be good for you to read.

It began with me disagreeing with the idea that black family bonds weren’t destroyed during slavery.

My Professor interrupted me to state that this was an impossibility because she has spent her whole life fighting for minorities.

Predictably, she was reverting back to the ole “I’ve got Black friends” defensive rhetoric.

C) Black family bonds were destroyed by the abuses of slave owners, who regularly sold off family members to other slave owners. That being said, warning bells would’ve rung had I done my research prior to registering for Sociology of the Family.

Six students used the adjective “opinionated,” four reviews said that she “rants,” and multiple students stated that her class had “no true substance.” Alas, I neglected to see any of this prior to walking into a class taught by a woman whose last words to me (via a public Facebook post) were: “I’m sorry if I upset you.

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