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Not only do we sometimes use affiliate links in our blog posts, but we also have some of our plugins on these affiliate networks that bloggers can implement in their posts as well.

— By diving my focus between my own information products and those that are already on the market.

Having been involved in the world of affiliate marketing since the mid-90s, I’ve had the opportunity to not only grow an online business of my own but also see how it’s changed the way business is done around the world.

Imagine the internet without affiliate marketing and the success it’s brought to all of the companies who use it — especially

I like to implement affiliate links in our blog posts when I believe the product is going to be truly helpful to my readers. The reader gets to learn about a great product they wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and my blog gets to make some extra money from the referral.

I don’t want to spam my readers so am very selective with the affiliate links that I choose.

Because affiliate marketing now is changed and I cannot depend too much on SEO as Google keeps changing its algorithm and I have seen many marketers have done bankrupt as they were dependent on Google too much, so I am running offers through facebook and google adwords.

With this in mind, we created an affiliate program for our logo design service, which allows site partners and affiliates to earn a commission on all referred sales.

This works quite well for our business, while also rewarding affiliates and referral partners in the process.

Right now, I’m using a Word Press plugin called Thirsty Affiliates that automatically replaces certain keywords with affiliate links which significantly boosts my earning.

In addition to that, I’m always looking to find new products through different affiliate networks such as Share ASale, Impact Radius, and Commission Junction.

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I am changing my strategies and working on different offers.

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