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Cyber-stalking, online grooming, sexting and illegal and inappropriate content all represent significant cyber-safety and are the focus of this chapter.

It is therefore difficult to estimate how many young people are subject to this abuse.

One study indicated that 5 percent of people overall are stalked online.

Girls are significantly more likely than boys to be contacted by someone they do not know.[7] i was chatting to a friend of mine, but slowly realised that it didn't seem like her.

i asked and they replied that they were her cousin.

Maybe it's the short profile text and single profile photo.

Sanctions against these abuses are set out in Chapter 11.

Ms Sonya Ryan said that she has received ‘hundreds’ of emails from children seeking help, too afraid to talk to their parents in fear of punishment or removal of technology, or because they are embarrassed.

She has also been contacted by parents who do not know what to do, and are looking for information because they do not know what their young people are doing online.[11] 4.11The prevalence of cyber-stalking in Australia is not known because little research has been published.

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