Aggression and violence in dating relationships

The Interplay of Dedication and Constraint in Relationships with Aggression In both studies in focus here, dedication and various dimensions of potential constraint were analyzed.

In their study, Manning and colleagues found that dedication was associated with lower odds of being in a relationship with aggression, as did we in our earlier research.

Some of the notables include John Thibaut and Harold Kelley, Peter Blau, George Levinger, Michael Johnson, Karen Cook and Richard Emerson, and Caryl Rusbult.

reflects the desire to be with a person in the future, to form an identity as a couple, to sacrifice for and prioritize the relationship.

In our study, we focused on the odds that people who reported aggression in their romantic relationships would break up in the future.Further, we found that living together was strongly associated with the likelihood that relationships with a history of aggression would continue, even while taking into account measures of constraint, overall relationship quality, and dedication. Based on the idea of inertia, you might expect that controlling for some aspects of constraint would lower the degree to which cohabitation was associated with aggression; but living together remained associated with aggression with aggressive relationships continuing. Wendy Manning, Monica Longmore, and Peggy Giordano’s new study, Using cross-sectional analyses within a later wave of their longitudinal Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study involving 926 individuals aged 22-29, Manning and colleagues found that cohabiting couples were more likely to report aggression (31%) in their relationship than married (23%) or dating couples (18%).These differences held even when controlling for many other variables.

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