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There are also women who enthusiastically participate in this dynamic, or exploit it for their own financial and gastronomic gain.

There’s also everyone else: the men who simply believe—without entitlement or ill intentions, and only because they were raised to do so—that as long as they keep paying, something will happen, only to realise that this is often not the case., or because it’ll make you a more attractive romantic prospect.

If you have suggestions on future topics that you would like us to talk about in the next episode, feel free to also suggest in the comments down below!As soon as I emerged from the girls-are-icky phase of my childhood, my parents were ready with plenty of advice as I began dating.They taught me to respect women; to treat them well, and to never ask a girl out if I couldn’t afford to pay for both her and myself. Consciously or not, I internalised the idea that to be a man was to be both protector and provider; that women liked being pampered and were to be revered.It wasn’t about going on as many dates as possible, but going on dates with the right people.I knew the type of girl I was looking for, and no longer had to waste the time figuring out if she shared my beliefs. frustrating I guess.” Because money fulfils a transactional purpose in almost every setting outside of dating, and we’re used to getting something in return for the money we spend, it becomes difficult to dissociate these attitudes from the person we’re out with.

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