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This technique rapidly and gently accesses and releases layers of emotional toxicity and psychological pain.

Beatha can release deep stress and old abuse trauma including PTSD.

” The Éiriú Eolas technique grew out of research conducted by the Quantum Future Group under the direction of Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

The practice has been thoroughly researched and proven to work by the thousands of people who are already benefiting from this unique program.

Employing an initial period of Pipe Breathing that rapidly induces a deep state of meditative relaxation, the Prayer consists of affirmations that enter deeply into the subconscious and trigger deep body and soul level healing and rejuvenation.

The effects are cumulative and results and benefits can be experienced after only a short period of practice, often after just a single session!

You will also learn the primary breathing technique that will be used in the exercises on Discs 2 and 3: Pipe Breathing.

Cumulative effects of regular practice include body-mind balancing, regeneration of major organ systems leading to healing and rejuvenation.

Do you wish you could face life’s challenges with greater calm and peace of mind?

Would you like to actually feel healthy, happy and pain-free every day?

This is for weekly or occasional use, but is contraindicated during pregnancy or for people with any brain chemistry imbalance.

Prayer of the Soul Meditation: This is the centerpiece of the program and should be utilized every night before going to sleep.

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