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In my previous post, I have shared 6 Effective ways for Muslims to stop watching Porm.I think it is a good guide for all those who want to get rid of watching porm.We also know that Saudi Arabia tracks every IP address and takes action against those who are involved in terrorist activities or activities against Saudi Government or Islam.So it is evident that there is a third eye which tracks and filters all your activities on social media and the internet.It is important to remember that the most reliable way of shipping anywhere is courier shipping which is traceable, and if it is not offered one should not take the risk through regular post.Here is a list of top online shopping websites in KSA.Jolly Chic also offers cash on delivery option for those who don’t have credit cards.

Browse photos, make friends, and upload videos and most importantly find the perfect match for you. Recommended: 6 dangers associated with using VPN on your mobile in Saudi Arabia Coming back to the question asked by our reader, I would like to conclude that there will be no problem at the time of final exit if you watch pormsites as far as you are not caught by Saudi authorities.However, it is not a good habit and I would like to request you to leave it gradually.But here a question arises; do they really track the websites you surf on the internet?Before going to the conclusion of the question raised by our reader, I would like to mention here that we have covered the topic of watching porm in different articles on this forum.

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