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‘Pity Love’ finds a no-longer-bothered Green explaining his antics to his mousy girlfriend, singing ”My heart is everywhere/Splitting out like thunder/Everybody’s cheating on each other/My pity pity love/Almost stronger than the real thing”.He makes up with Shapiro on ‘Pleasantries’, a duet that challenges ‘Fairytale of New York’ for its depiction of a pair of bellowing wasters, and while those tracks favour the guitars and tambourines formula, ‘Don’t Ask For More’ leans towards funk, showing that there’s more to the duo than attachment issues, an old acoustic and a campfire.The album release is proceeded by a few UK/EU dates this November, and the unveiling of 'Here I Am' (both of which can be found below). Green is a Manhattanite and acoustic singer-songwriter whose extensive lyrical topics center around black humor, blue language, and one miss Jessica Simpson.On stage, duets like Green’s “Getting Led” were every bit as heart-achingly harmonious.Green’s deep voice was the perfect compliment as Shapiro’s voice, smooth and warm, carried these quiet moments with ease.If you’ve been suffering indie-twee withdrawal symptoms ever since Isobel Campbell’s final note on Hawk or the breakup of the Delgados, here’s something to cool your brow - and to prove it’s possible to take a pan-hurling breakup and set it to music from The Waltons.

Green’s humble baritone and Shapiro’s silky timbre blend beautifully, and in the recordings their joined voices soar to poignant, vulnerable heights. I'm looking for a unifying theory between visual art and music. What is the relation between songwriting and making art for you?Sure, all music is lovesick but these ten tracks are laced with more schadenfreude than Aidan Moffat’s divorce proceedings.Green and Shapiro’s hippy guitar sound gels perfectly with their lyrics that snipe at couples caught in freefall.

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I like to go to the Met and walk around; it's like a free mansion that I own filled with Byzantine treasure. I've got an album coming out of duets with Binki Shapiro.

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