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Tinder is nothing more than a superficial app that is just based off of looks and nothing more imo.But you will see many people who don't use Tinder can still be successful.It's like, this fear of being hurt has spawned having your heart guarded at all times, and the type of persona that arises from this state is celebrated.I've stated this on another thread, outside of Tinder I've actually had decent success honestly.I do not like the new type of 'dating' at all.

and being that most of our communication is through a screen, we have time to process, think and then come up with responses, so they are not very natural.I have done my best not to attach myself as quickly. I'm 40/m, broke off an engagement last year and I am pretty much done with it all.Instead, I will try to go on 1-3 new dates a week so that my focus is not on one person. I use to focus on 1 man at a time and then would get hurt when they ghosted me, but now I find that having multiple men at once helps me. Back in the day you just didnt know about the guy or girl going on multiple dates because the tech wasnt there to show the world that most do that. The only gal I was talking to after- well didn't take me long to figure out she was a compulsive liar, and with all the horror stories I read on here..I'm good!Our society is so short term and such a 'microwave' generation that the minute they get bored (doesn't take long), they think "I'd rather swipe and have something new" rather than, "hey I actually like this person, maybe I should stop swiping for now & see what happens". and from my perspective, the men on these sites are players..that really upsets me.We can talk for 1-2 weeks, go on 3-5 dates and they say they want to wait for sex, but then they stop talking to you completely when you don't put out.

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Since this’ll get asked in one of the first questions I’ll get a short bio out the way: 28. Meanwhile I go on these messages and dates just trying to connect with people, and when I do finally connect with someone, that same sort of commitment doesn’t get shared back.

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